We’re a dedicated team of designers, builders and thinkers, united by a common madness. A madness that manifests itself in our anxiety attacks over impending deadlines, or our crankiness on late nights, or when we’re being uncomfortably forthcoming with startups. For us, it’s your stories that keep us up at night. We are obsessed with delivering nothing but down-to-earth, open, and honest content and we don’t sugarcoat our words. You could say we’re like the Simon Cowells of the creative industry (but we can still be friendly, fun, and safe!). In 2013, we got sick of apologizing for our condition and started a company - carrying the same obsession it was always about - to deliver authentic, unhindered storytelling. We are Salty. And we don’t mess around.


Discomfort Index


The challenges you may face as your business grows are our own. We work around the clock to assist your needs and render better outcomes in the digital space.


Our multi-faceted media services are tailored to deliver not only the latest technology platforms, but solutions optimised to you.


Your story is one-of-a-kind, and so are you. We like to keep it that way in the concepts and brands we help to create.


From the inception of the idea, to its execution, our workflow relies on a close collaboration with our clients and our respected creative contacts. The result? Pure idea integrity.


The stories we like to tell are intimate human narratives. Our work is guided by our concern for people first.


We’re pretty straight up, here at Salty. If you’re not seeing results and are sick of hearing sugarcoated flattery, take it with a grain of Salt – from us. We’ll tell it like it is, and set it right.

Minime vero, inquit ille, consentit. Ut optime, secundum naturam affectum esse possit. Compensabatur, inquit, cum summis doloribus laetitia. Quae hic rei publicae vulnera inponebat, eadem ille sanabat.

We are concerned with people, first and foremost